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“Only A Realtor” Campaign


REALTORS® do so much more than help you buy or sell a home. They offer a shoulder to lean on—and so much more. We learned from our interviews with REALTORS®. that more often than not, they’re babysitting, cheerleading, educating, and more—all on top of negotiating the best deal they can. It’s those emotional connections and human care that can’t be replicated with an app. My direction was simple; this campaign was to feel like it came straight out a family photo album. I couldn't be happier with the results.


Christian Wojciechowski, creative director
Meg Rosenoff, senior copywriter
Jack Polly, copywriter

Gold Graphis Award Winner | Advertising Annual 2023

Gold Graphis Award Winner | Advertising Annual 2023

The cinematography told a translation of this story through a single-shot execution, with the “main character” of the story being the first face the viewer sees. The frame starts tight on the families themselves, expanding to reveal the home, and then lastly the REALTOR®.

The viewer might think it’s the new homeowner narrating the story, but the visual reveal of the REALTOR® exposes that it was really the agent speaking the whole time. Shot on location in West Palm Beach, the set isn’t something we could cheat or fake. We believed that the house was a character in the story.

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