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The Answer is Cancer

book design

— 2017

The Answer is Cancer is a collaborative project and a mockery of modern man and the modern-day internet user. When people feel sick or unwell, the modern man’s natural instinct is to “google search” it.  Somewhere in the midst of this rabbit hole of a search procedure, the internet eventually concludes that your symptoms are indicative of some sort of cancer. More often than not, people tend to seek advice and find these answers from highly unreliable and inaccurate sources, spreading information like cancer. These two concepts make up the driving force behind this book. This project pokes fun at web users and the way the internet operates by illustrating illegitimate looking “websites” and showcases questions based off of real-time google suggestions. A custom typeface, Cancer Black, was created in order to mimic cellular forms and really hammer in the cancerous spreading of misinformation. 


Collaborative effort with:

Wylona Bouwens

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