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&Barr Self Promotion

— 2022

Meet the Barrchive. It’s an homage to the beloved industry publication, Lürzer’s Archive, which features some of the world’s best campaigns.

With that as our inspiration, the Barrchive came to life — a tongue-in-cheek take on what our clients’ ads might have looked like back in 1957 when then Fry | Hammond | Barr first opened its doors. The result is a bound collection of vintage ads that celebrate both &Barr’s 65-year history and the clients we partner with today. These are just a few. Revealed and gifted at &Barr’s 65th anniversary event, our clients were thrilled with their “classic” ads and the self-promotion piece itself. Apparently, so were the ADDY judges, where we took home some nice hardware. Best of Show, baby.


Meg Rosenoff, Senior Copywriter
Jack Polly, Copywriter
Rachel Clements, Art Director
Jordan Stewart, Art Director
McKenzie Estes, Art Director 


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